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"WALLIA" Keupp, 1990, p.49.  Calcareous dinoflagellate genus (see Streng et al., 2004, p.483 and Elbrächter et al., 2008, p.1303, the latter noting that the cyst wall is pithonelloid and so a dinoflagellate affinity is questionable).  Taxonomic senior synonym: Pithonella, according to Wendler et al. (2013, p.1098).  The name Wallia was not validly published in Keupp and Ilg (1989, p.175), since these authors clearly did not intend to propose a new name.  Type: Keupp, 1990, pl.14, figs.1–3, as Wallia melloi.

Parent: Subfamily Calciodinelloideae

Species List: