Wetzeliella neocomica

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"?neocomica" Gocht, 1957, p.172–178, pl.19, figs.1–5; pl.20, figs.1–7; text-figs.7–16.  Emendation: Helby, 1987, p.310–313, as Phoberocysta neocomica.  Holotype: Gocht, 1957, pl.19, fig.1; text-fig.7.  NOW Phoberocysta.  Originally Wetzeliella?, subsequently (and now) Phoberocysta, thirdly Muderongia.  Questionable assignment: Gocht (1957, p.172).  Taxonomic junior synonym: Muderongia tomaszowensis, by implication in Monteil (1991b, p.477), who considered Muderongia tomaszowensis to be the senior name — however, this synonymy has not been generally followed.  Age: Hauterivian.

Parent: Wetzeliella

Infrataxon List: