Actiniscus pentasterias

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*pentasterias (Ehrenberg, 1840a, p.111,149) Ehrenberg, 1854, pl.18, fig.61; pl.19, fig.45; pl.33 (XVII), fig.1.  Holotype: not designated.  Originally Dictyocha subgenus Actiniscus (Appendix A), subsequently (and now) Actiniscus, thirdly GymnasterDownie and Sarjeant (1965, p.82) retained this species in ActiniscusDumitrică (1973, p.822) considered Dictyocha (now Actiniscus) elegans and Dictyocha (now Actiniscus) sirius to be questionable taxonomic junior synonyms of this species.  Age: Pliocene.

Parent: Actiniscus