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ACTINISCUS (Ehrenberg, 1840a, p.111) Ehrenberg, 1843a, p.103.  Siliceous dinoflagellate genus.  Originally Dictyocha subgenus Actiniscus, subsequently (and now) Actiniscus.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Lutetianella (name not validly published) and Microdistephanus (name not validly published), both according to Dumitrică (1973, p.820); Gymnaster, according to Dumitrică (1973, p.820).  The designation of Actiniscus pentasterius as "type species" by Downie and Sarjeant (January, 1965, p.81-82) has precedence over the designation of Actiniscus elegans as "type species" by Norris and Sarjeant (March, 1965, p.9).  Dumitrică (1973, p.820) considered the extant genus Diaster Meunier, 1909 to be a possible taxonomic junior synonym of Actiniscus.  Type: not designated; "type species" is Actiniscus pentasterias, designated by Downie and Sarjeant (January, 1965, p.81-82).

Parent: Family Actiniscaceae

Species List: