Actiniscus tetrasterias

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tetrasterias (Ehrenberg, 1854, pl.18, fig.62 ex Schütt, 1891, p.19) Dumitrică, 1973, p.822.  Holotype: Ehrenberg, 1854, pl.18, fig.62; Schütt, 1891, fig.13.  Originally Actiniscus (name not validly published), subsequently Gymnaster, thirdly (and now) Actiniscus.  This name was apparently not validly published in Ehrenberg (1854) since no description was provided.  The combination Actiniscus tetrasterias was also used by Dumitrică (1968, caption to pl.4, fig.24), and this may be "validly published" under the I.C.Z.N., although not under the I.C.B.N.  Age: Miocene.

Parent: Actiniscus