Bonetocardiella cardiiformis

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"cardiiformis" (Ayala Castañares and Seigle, 1962, p.16-17, pl.1, figs.1-5,7-9) Dufour, 1968, p.1948.  Holotype: information not available.  Name not validly published: generic name not validly published.  Originally Stomiosphaera (name not validly published), subsequently Bonetocardiella (name not validly published), thirdly Conejoconus (name not validly published).  Taxonomic senior synonym: Leptodermella maestrichtiensis (Appendix A), according to Villain (1975, p.198).  Taxonomic synonym: Bonetocardiella conoidea (name not validly published), according to Andri (1972, p.15).  Dufour did not reference the basionym when proposing this combination, but this was not a requirement since he was using zoological nomenclature.  Age: information not available.

Parent: Bonetocardiella