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PERIDINITES Lefèvre, 1933b, p.221.  Emendation: Harding and Lewis, 1994, p.834.  Siliceous dinoflagellate genus.  Taxonomic senior synonym: Lithoperidinium, by implication in Deflandre (1945b, cards 806-809), who believed Peridinites to be the senior name - however, Harding and Lewis (1994, p.834) retained Peridinites.  This name was not validly published in Lefèvre (1933a) since no validly published species were assigned to it.  For a full discussion, see Fensome et al. (1993b, p.137).  Type: Lefèvre, 1933b, text-fig.7, as Peridinites parvulus.

Parent: Subfamily Lithoperidinioideae

Species List: