Peridinites sphaericus

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sphaericus Lefèvre, 1933b, p.223-224, text-figs.13-14,24.  Emendation: Harding and Lewis, 1994, p.835-836, as Peridinites sphaericus.  Holotype: Lefèvre, 1933b, text-figs.13-14.  Originally (and now) Peridinites, subsequently Lithoperidinium.  This species was retained in Peridinites by Harding and Lewis (1994, p.835).  Taxonomic junior synonym (at specific rank): Peridinites sphaericus var. minus, according to Harding and Lewis (1994, p.837).  This name was not validly published in Lefèvre (1933a, p.416-417) since no illustrations were provided.  Age: Early Tertiary.

Parent: Peridinites

Infrataxon List: